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Apple iOS 14 Reveals Apps Spying On Your iOS Clipboard

Apple iOS 14 Reveals Apps Spying On Your iOS Clipboard

Earlier in March 2020, Apple iOS clipboard privacy issues were reported for the first time as some apps were exposed to be spying on users’ clipboard data. With this vulnerability, everything including your passwords, credit card numbers, or even random links were at risk of being stolen without your consent. Even popular apps like TikTok and LinkedIn were accessing user-copied media or text every time they were opened and the users didn’t even know about it happening.

Apple introduced its latest iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 last month which came with a new way of notifying users about the apps spying on their iPhone data. Different other types of data access from various apps will now be self-reported through the Apple’s privacy “nutrition labels”. With iOS 14 beta now available, the users can immediately notice this clipboard spying happening on the apps courtesy new privacy feature which allows users to see it.

Apple iOS 14 Addresses Clipboard Data Vulnerability

The new iOS 14 beta from Apple includes a new feature which detects any spying from the third-party applications on iOS clipboard. If you don’t know much about the clipboard and what it does, it’s actually a place where your Apple iOS stores any data when it is copied from one application to be pasted in another.

A deep look into the iOS 14 beta reveals that users now get notifications whenever some apps are trying to snoop around their iOS clipboard. Popular applications like Accuweather, TikTok, and many others were found snooping in on users’ clipboard data. What this implies is that all such apps can copy your important personal details including PIN numbers, SSNs, sensitive credit card information, and much more. Even though these apps may not necessarily be doing that, but it’s very much possible for them to do so.

More Apps That May Be Spying On Your Apple iOS Clipboard

There are many more apps that are doing the same spying stuff on your Apple iOS clipboard. According to developer Don Morton, more popular apps which might be spying on your iOS clipboard include LinkedIn, Microsoft’s networking app, and the social networking application Reddit to name a few.

Since the iOS 14 beta release to developers on 22nd of June, these three apps have been spotted to be spying on the iOS clipboard. Even TikTok is on the list of Don Morton while other developers noted that Patreon, Google News, Fruit Ninja, Philips Sonicare, and Call of Duty are the culprit in the same offense too.

What To Do For Protecting Your Apple iOS Clipboard?

While Apple is working on protecting data on users’ clipboard, you can also take some steps on your own for ensuring data protection. There are some password managers, for instance, that clear the clipboard automatically after a specific amount of time. For instance, 1 Password comes with a feature which automatically clears all the fields copied from the app within 90 seconds. Explore other such features to protect your clipboard data.

Apple will soon complete the patchwork and more strict security features can be expected in the upcoming iOS versions. For now, we’ll have to rely on Apple iOS 14 security measures though.

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